Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Everything Online Weeked Bazaar

Hey guys! I just got recently invited by Mint Concepts and Events to their upcoming event, Everything Online Weekend Bazaar this July 26 to 27. It will be held at Paseo One, Banilad near Maria Luisa, from 12 noon to 12 midnight. I, together with my fellow bloggers, will be selling our pre-loved/never been used items. There will be also other online shops which will be selling their items too! So I hope you guys can drop by! :)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Third Street

photos by: Jesse Jake
pullover: Forever 21
dress: Blind Clothing
heels: Jannilyn
bag: Michael Kors

We all know that black and white is a classic combination. The two paired together always comes out chic. I just love how the two hues give a timeless look to almost any style. No wonder Coco Chanel's favorite hues include black and white. :)

It's July, and this is one of the months wherein it rains a lot and is almost cold most of the time. In my case, I don't know about you guys, I easily get cold... and warm! Anyway, I paired my slip on dress with a pullover. I love this kind of pullover because it's knitted, so it's not that warm when I wear it outdoors where it's hot at lunch time, but it also gives me enough warmth at the office where it's very cold especially when it starts to rain. 

So there you have it, my day to night look! I just took off the pullover during the night 'coz I wasn't able to go home and change my outfit. 

I hope you guys like this post! Have a great evening everyone! :)


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Photo diary: Summer 2014

I know June is almost over, but still I want to share with you guys some of the photos last summer even though it's kinda late. ;) Showing you guys some of my favorite shots during the summer. Sadly I don't have any photos from my birthday coz I lost my phone (boohoo) and the place where I celebrated was lovely (had dinner with my family at Circa 1900). Life must go on. I'll just come back to that place and take photos, right? Anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos! :)

At Plantation Bay
One of the many attempts! haha! It's hard to hold this pose for too long you know! :p
There you go! :)

Finally got the chance to ride this! 
Candid shot of Chizball.
Just love the color!

At Be Resorts

At Crimson Resort and Spa

At night, I transform into something... different.
Just kidding! haha :)

Loving my color... After many visits to the beach! :)

There you have it, you've just witnessed a glimpse of what I've been doing, where I've been going last summer! I hope you guys enjoyed your summer as much as I did enjoy mine! 

Goodnight everyone! :)


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Casual Denim

photos by: Jesse Jake
dress: Charlotte Russe
heels: Primadonna

I'm back! I know, I know, I've been on and off lately, but atleast I'm still active with my 
blog... somehow. Lol. This post was taken last April, which was 2 months ago... 
So yeah, again, sorry for the late post! Haha.

Looking at these photos make me realize that I miss wearing heels. It's been awhile since 
I've worn heels! I miss the pain and joy (it makes me taller) of wearing them. haha! 
Anyway, let's go back to my outfit. I love denim and lace, always have! Wearing the dress alone 
would have been too dressy for an ordinary day, so I paired it with a denim vest to make it more casual. 
The combination of the two gives the feminine and casual chic daytime vibe to the whole look. This is 
one of my favorite casual looks. Well, everything that I post here in my blog are 
probably my favorites. ;)

Happy Sunday everyone! :)


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Finally 23

photos by: Jesse Jake
dress: Splurge Less

Just turned a year older(and wiser) last May 30. I still can't believe it... I'm finally 23! As I look back through the years, I can really say that a lot of things have changed and time does really fly fast! I may not have everything right now, or do what I really want to do, or even be at the place where I want to be, but one thing's certain, everything that is happening right now is where I'm supposed to be. I didn't really expect that my birthday weekend would turn out great because of some things(better keep it to myself. haha), but it did! Anyway, I'm just glad how it turned out! :)

Have a great evening everyone!