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Friday, September 30, 2022

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Lucca is one of my favorite cities in Tuscany! It is breathtaking and at the same time, a laid-back city. This medieval town is located right on the Serchio River. I've been to Lucca three times already and I still get excited every time I visit there. For this visit, I stayed for three days and was able to experience Lucca (almost) fully. I just love how small the city is and how you can just easily walk around or even bike around the city. This city never cease to charm me!

This blog post is in collaboration with the Lands of Giacomo Puccini. The lands of Giacomo Puccini is aimed at promoting Lucca and its territory through its uniqueness, excellence, its main cultural, artistic, and musical events through a communication campaign that promotes the city through a journey into the beauties of Lucca.

On this post, I'll be writing down all of the best things that I have experienced in Lucca.

It was “Settembre Lucchese” when I visited Lucca for the 3rd time. "Settembre Lucchese" means there are a variety of fun activities all throughout the month of September! There are many events every day during this period, such as religious festivals to fairs, markets, shows and the Luna Park! 

Its historical city center is surrounded by monumental Renaissance walls that are extremely well preserved. The walls were built in the 1600s, which is still intact up to now. It is filled with gorgeous cobblestone paths, lined with trees which is super popular for biking and strolling!

How to get there
If you are coming from Florence, Lucca can be an easy and affordable day trip. You can travel to Lucca from Florence in an hour and 20-minute train ride for around 8.10 euros! Alternatively, it is about an hour drive from Florence!

Where to stay
Whenever I am traveling, I always make sure to find somewhere that is close to everything I plan on doing! There are a variety of places to stay in Lucca including hotels, hostels, Airbnb, and villas. I stayed at Villa Agnese because it is just a three-minute walk from the old town center and beautiful walls. The breakfast served here was very generous, filled with different pastries that are common in Lucca!

What to eat
There are a variety of delicious dishes in Lucca! The dishes Lucca is most famous for are Tordelli, Baccala, Soup of Farro, and . Tordelli is a pasta with a meat or cheese filling that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes! Baccala is a dried or salted cod that is referred to as “salt fish”. It is most commonly served with potatoes and onions or in a casserole. Farro refers to 3 different types of wheat that are dried and then cooked in water until soft. Then, this Farro can be used to make a delicious soup! I also tried "Fratti Fritti Lucchesi" which is a deep-fried dough covered in sugar. I got the one with Nutella and it was sooo good! And quite heavy too! So make sure to share it with someone or have it way before you'll have a proper meal. Overall, Lucca has so many different types of delicious foods. No matter where you go you won’t be disappointed!

Where to eat

Ristorante Mecenate
With a charming view of a piazza where Chiesa di San Francesco is located, this restaurant is highly recommended by the locals. Their Tordelli Casalinghi Lucchese was really good!

Buca di Sant'Antonio
Handmade pasta and regional dishes in a long standing, cozy trattoria. This is also a Michelin guide restaurant.

Prodotti Nelli
A snack stand located at Piazza Napoleone. Prodotti Nelli has been around since 1893. Their famous Frate is a must try!

What to see

Cathedral Of Lucca
The Cathedral of Lucca is a Roman Catholic Cathedral that serves as the seat for the Archbishop of Lucca. Construction on the Cathedral began as early as 1063.

San Frediano Basilica
The San Frediano Basilica is a Romanesque church. It was built with beautiful carved white marble and decorated lavishly with paintings and 13th century Mosaic.

Guinigi Tower
The Guinigi Tower is a prime example of Romanesque-Gothic architecture.
requires a total of 233 steps in order to reach the top, but the view is extremely beautiful. It originated when wealthy families of Tuscany were building towers as a symbol of their status

Piazza dell'Anfiteatro
Piazza dell'Anfiteatro is a public square with a ring of buildings
surrounding it. You can reach the square by entering through one of the four vertices of the ellipse. This square mimics the architecture of the Roman Amphitheater.

Historic Walls of Luca
The walls of Lucca surround the historical city center and serve as a
symbol for the city. The walls were built between 1513 and 1650 and reach 12 meters in height at the highest point and 4km in distance.

Puccini Museum
The Puccini Museum describes and summarizes the life and places associated with the historically famous composer, Giacomo Puccini. The museum is located at Puccini's birth home, So you can see where he composed and was inspired to make his masterpieces!

San Michele in Foro
The San Michele in Foro is a Roman Catholic Basilica in Luca that is
dedicated to Archangel Michael. There is a ton of art and sculptures within the Basilica.

Piazza Napoleone
Piazza Napoleone is known for being the center of Luca's political power. The Piazza was dedicated to Napoleone as a gift from his sister.

Torre delle Ore
Torre delle Ore is a clock tower that is owned by the commune of Luca. This clock tower is the tallest tower in Lucca.

Chiesa di Santa Caterina
This church was made for the people who used to work at the Tobacco factory(which is now closed) across it. The interesting thing about Chiesa di Santa Caterina is that this is the only oval-shaped church in Lucca!

Carli is an amazing historical jewelry store, filled with jewelry created over centuries. The boutique is family owned and has been passed down to many generations.

Lucca will always be one of those cities where I will always visit here in Italy. I just find this city so peaceful and relaxing. You can just wander aimlessly all over the old town and you'll be charmed by every corner. Even though I consider Lucca a chill place, there are so many beautiful sights to see and so many history to hear. 

*This post is in collaboration with Puccini Lands


  1. Love Lucca. I only visited there very briefly as part of a cruise, but am hoping to return there next year and spend some time there.

    1. Lucca is so amazing, you definitely need to come back!

  2. What a lovely city Lucca is! How much time would you suggest for a visit there?

    1. Lucca is great! A day trip is perfect, but if you really want to experience what life is like in Lucca then I would suggest 2-3 days! :)

  3. We were thinking of visiting Tuscany again over winter - perhaps Lucca will be where we base ourselves!

    1. That's a great idea! Lucca would be a wonderful spot to stay, there is so much to do and it is so beautiful!

  4. I love the beautiful churches in Lucca. I've never been there before and would love to visit.

    1. The churches in Lucca are so stunning. You should definitely come visit!

  5. Wow it looks so lovely. The food suggestions look absolutely amazing! I love seeing the sites but also trying the cuisine of any place is a must. Thanks for the suggestions.

    1. Agreed! Trying different cuisines is one of my favorite things about traveling to new places! :)

  6. Lucca is one of my favorites too! This is a great list of things to do in Lucca!

    1. Lucca is so amazing! It is such a great spot to visit :)


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