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  1. Hello Sophia
    I'm Julia Sonya from the US in North Carolina. I have left a comment earlier and hope you've seen it. I am very glad that your drive and determination to be there is working out for you inspite of all the troubles and complications with the immigration rules, red tape and set backs. You are strong and very smart and it's great that you are an inspiration to others who want to see different places in the world.
    I stated earlier that you are welcome to stay at my home if you ever come to the United States. I would love to know more about Florence because I want to visit there in about a year and a half with hopes of being able to stay there for as long as I am allowed. Can you please tell me information about one bedroom apartments, utilities, possible hardships as an African American retired teacher would experience coming there...I know you probably wouldn't know for sure but maybe you'd have some ideas. I don't know where to begin and what of the thousands of ?? to ask you Dear. I know I can go online but but I don't know how to use information I'm not familiar with. I need to know what I need to tell immigration my reasons for wanting to stay there ????
    I don't know where to begin. I know you're very busy with becoming a resident/citizen, but may you please lend some advice.
    Thank Very Much, Blessings


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