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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Photo bomb!!!

And again, them photo bombing in a greater number! haha

 Sarah, Khrami, Jehanne, Becher & Steph. The best room mates ever!

 And of course, the best chapter for Area C, the USC chapter! :)

Gown: Jehanne Dy
Shoes: forever21
Photos: Ed Dilla

The highlight for our UAPSA National Congress was the Honor Dinner. We were required to wear red carpet themed attires. My original gown for the event turned out to be a disaster(long story). Good thing that my friend, Jehanne Dy, brought with her a couple of her gowns which she designed herself. I was able to borrow one of her beautiful gowns. Against all odds, my room mates and I still managed to look glamorous that night with only 30 minutes to spare. :)


  1. what a gorgeous dress ! I would have worn black heels with it but thoso nude shoes are very pretty!

    nicelly done and great blog !

    xoxo JanaMarie

    ps: feel free to visit my blog

    1. thanks jana! I agree, black heels would have been great but the nude shoes were the only heels that I brought at that time. thanks again!:)

  2. I always see you around CAFA and you look STUNNING as always! ^_^

    1. you're from cafa? I need to wear my glasses/contacts to see everyone clearly! hahaha! thanks!!! :D


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