Plain & Simple

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Top: Bazaar
Bottom: Surplus
Shoes: Parisian
Photos: Ed Dilla

Last Friday, my agent called me and told me that I was booked for a show the following day. Saturday came, and I was anticipating what the day is going to be. So I wore something simple; a plain tank top, pants, and paired them with heels. The look did match with my new set of eye glasses! Moreover, I asked my agent where the show is going to be held and he said that "it's not a show, it's a shoot." And yeah, that explains my make up. I'm not sure with the end result of that shoot because I got shy but still, I will be sharing the photo/s soon with you guys. The others were already professionals in the field and yes, it was a bit intimidating. I'll tell you the whole story on my next post. :)


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  2. The heels are gorgeous. Red is it! Followed you baack now :) Thanks for following.


  3. i actually laughed when i saw your glasses because they are SO CUTE.


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