Colored Sunset

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

photos by: Jesse Jake
bikini: Planet Exchange
shades: Forever 21

My summer just officially started last week. Having a break from the city life and work was badly needed. The perfect way to take refuge from reality was to spend it at the beach! It's been awhile
 since I was able to completely relax and think about nothing else, just enjoying the sea breeze, 
eating, having a tan, discouraged napping, watching the sun sets, chilling, anything! 
It makes me miss being a student coz you get to have summer breaks... but nah, 
I don't miss studying! lol. 

I'm just glad that I was able to spend my short vacation (3days) at the beach. I know it was 
just a few days, but that 3 days did serve me well! Anyway, my summer haven't ended yet. 
There's more to come, and also more summer/beach posts to come too! ;)

How about you? How's your summer? :)


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