Clouded Stripes

Monday, May 19, 2014

 photos by: Jesse Jake
top: bazaar
shades: Claire's

I know I've been MIA for a while now, a lot of things happened and it's only today that I'm able to just do whatever I want to do/just nothing time. Sooo I'm showing you my last look on my short vacation last... April. Wow, I didn't notice that this was taken almost a month now! Haha! 
Anyway, There's nothing really special about this look, just the usual casual beach outfit. Crop top paired with high waisted shorts, a pair of sunnies, a hat, and barefeet... Lol. 

Keeping this post short coz I feel like reading my neglected for days, maybe a week, book now(currently reading Paper Town by John Green) since I barely have time to just have some alone time now. Yeah, I should probably alot a day that is only for me/not surrounded by people. Haha! Again, I would really really try my best to update my blog regularly! :)

Goodnight everyone! :)



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