Summer In August

Thursday, August 14, 2014

photos by: Jesse Jake
jeans: Forever 21
shoes: Keds

Trying to look physically active (which, by the way, I'm really not) with my mesh top from Let's Stylize, a pair of jeans, and Keds. To make my look more convincing(I probably think that you still aren't. haha), I brought with me my favorite and never been used "I love summer" tumbler! :)

I saw this cute tumbler at a random store and decided to buy it last summer. I wish I had taken these photos back in April or May, when it was actually summer, but then again, time was always an issue for me. Even though it's already August, the weather here is still bright and sunny! Anyway, I'm still planning to have an outfit post with this tumbler next summer! :)

Have a great evening everyone! :)



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