Structured Vibrance

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jump shot!!! :D

photos by: Jesse Jake
skirt: What A Girl Wants
bag: Parisian

Vibrant colors. It's the first thing you'll notice in my look. I love how this outfit looks so quirky and playful. Especially with the colors! Blue and yellow always seems to be a great combination.
As you can see, the skirt is well-structured. It's unusual. It also makes me not want to sit down because I might destroy it. haha just kidding! ;) 

I don't know if you've noticed, but I've shot an outfit in this area a few posts ago. So yeah, this is already in my favorite spot to shoot already! Not to worry, I'll still be loitering around the city, finding new spots for my outfit. So, stay tuned everyone! ;) 



  1. Cute photos! And I've been lusting over that Neoprene Skirt from WAGW for weeks already! Haha <3

    Janine | Lime Life

  2. OMG! You look so pretty dear! Love the blue skirt! <3

  3. That skirt looks so...crisp? sharp?...and well made it makes me want to cry. I need it in my life.

  4. Cute outfit! You look amazing in that blue skirt!!:)


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