Photo Diary: September 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A glimpse of my little adventures that happened last month with friends, Jesse(my boyfriend), and sometimes by myself! Most of the photos I'm showing to you are architectural elements, sceneries, random things, my abused sneaks, and more! This month has been fun coz I've been catching up with friends, went to places that I've never been before, and took these awesome(according to me. haha) shots! I hope you guys will enjoy these photos! :)

Thank you for taking time to visit my blog! Planning to make a monthly photo diary to show to you guys what I've been up to. Or maybe every other month to be sure? We'll see. :)

Have a great day everyone! :)



  1. Beautiful photos Sophia! I was just wondering, the second up to the seventh photo, where are they located? :)
    I honestly thought you traveled somewhere in Europe! Or is it really in Europe? Haha!


    1. Thanks Janine! No, it's nowhere near Europe! haha! ;) It's at Temple of Leah, near Lantaw Busay. :)


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