Gold Rush

Friday, March 13, 2015

photos by: Lhizl Telidua
dress: Topshop
heels: Forever 21

Showing you what I wore to the architects' oath taking last March 6 held at PICC. When I first saw this dress, I immediately bought it and thought it would be perfect for my oath taking. And it really was! I love how it perfectly fits me, and also the cut of the dress is just right! Plus, the color is gold! Just enough flashiness to add to my look since the style of my dress is just simple. Too bad I forgot to take pictures with my purse! No wonder the photos felt incomplete when I looked at them. Got carried away with all of the places we went to(As you can see, my outfit shots were taken in 3 different places... Well actually there were 4! Haha!). Anyway, still love all of my photos, with or without the purse! ;)

Happy weekend everyone! :)


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