Saturday, April 25, 2015

Last Monday, my boyfriend and I had had a different adventure. We went canyoneering at Badian, Cebu. Yup, only the two of us plus our tour guide, Fritz. We were kinda worried that we wont be able to see other options that would accommodate only two persons for this activity at an acceptable price.  The whole trip would cost around P1,210: P950 for the tour, which includes the guide fee, entrance fee, helmet, and vest, and P260 for the bus back and forth. Thank you so much Galore Tours for, again, making this possible.
Took the 7am scheduled bus trip. The bus ride from the city to the destination takes around 3 hours. 
 This is a photo of the first jumping point. It doesn't look so high in this photo, but I swear it's really high. I think the first jumping point was around 25 feet. And that's not the highest! Took me around 8 minutes to jump. Haha! 
The water was refreshing! It was cold, perfect for the hot summer day.
Meet our lovely tour guide, Fritz! She's the only female tour guide for canyoneering in Badian!
 The place just looks majestic! 

 There were a lot of interesting formations.
 Me and my hyper active, adventurous boyfriend.
 Aside from swimming, floating, and jumping, there were also a lot of crawling and climbing!

Finally reached the last jump. It took me awhile to jump coz it's the highest among the rest. It's around 25-30 feet! I was already trembling while I had this photo taken. Haha!
Here's another view of the last and final and scary(for me, coz I really really have a great fear of heights) jump. After so many minutes, I finally jumped! Even though it took me awhile to do it, I'm really glad that I did it. 
The whole trip was a great adventure. Perfect for those who are looking for something new to do. It was quite an experience for it really challenged me and made me face my great fear of heights! :)

Have a great evening everyone! :)



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