Mt. Pulag

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Went to Mt. Pulag last May 29, the day before my birthday. It was by far the most amazing experience with nature I ever had! Being able to conquer the highest peak in Luzon was fulfilling. I can't even imagine how I managed to survive the 8 hour trek! I never walked so much in my whole life! Haha. Showing you some of the photos taken from our adventure to Mt. Pulag. 
Our ride towards the venue.
Where the mandatory climb orientation was held. 
This is our homestay, also known as Baban's house. It has 5 rooms, and 1 common bathroom. 

There were a lot of vegetation around the homestay, and so much clouds! 

Even though it was already 7 in the evening, the sky was still bright. 
Again with my sunset sessions. I really enjoy watching the sunset!

Meet the crew! Most of us wore 3 layers of clothing since most of the people said it was gonna be cold. Big mistake. We had to trek as fast as we could for 4 hours, so we really sweat a lot. I took off my other 2 layers of clothing. I just hope I had worn sleeveless at that time.
It was getting brighter as we approached the peak.
We were given a choice if we wanted to have a clearer view of the sea of clouds, which was quite far from the peak, or witness the sunrise at the peak. Of course we chose the peak, that's what we came for, to conquer the peak. The sea of clouds was still visible from afar. 

Finally reached the peak. We were the first ones to arrive! It wasn't that cold as I imagined. Jesse even wore a shirt, made his shirt into a sleeveless, and was still sweating! Okay, he's a bit different coz his ancestors were huskies. But the way I would describe the temperature there was like standing in front of the chiller on the cheese display in a grocery store with nothing on. Haha! Wearing one jacket would be enough for me. 
Everything was surreal. Every minute was beautiful.
Still waiting for the sun to rise.
Here's a photo of Jesse, still waiting for his sweat to stop! Haha!
There it is!
Love how golden the skies became. It was majestic!

The grassland we passed through going towards the peak. Looks cool right? 

The sun rays just look heavenly.
Picture with my brother.
Me and Jesse still taking photos of the amazing view.
Taking a photo of Jesse wearing only his boxers! Haha!
Made outfit shots there too! Teehee
The only time Jesse wore his jacket! 
Last group shot before heading back.

Here's the schedule of the trip we had, and some notes that need to be taken. Just grabbed this one from my brother coz it's more accurate and I'm too lazy to make one right now. Haha!

1300 Pick up from Baguio to Benguet
1700 DENR mandatory climb orientation
1800 Arrived at homestay
0000 Wakeup and prepare for climb
0100 Start of trek
0400 Last campsite area
0500 Mt. Pulag Summit
1000 Back to drop-off point

Flashlight - very important
Jackets - to keep warm and for possible rain 
Shoes with socks - must be comfortable and reliable
Camera with extra battery
Trail snacks
2L Water

Have dinner and do toiletries hours before
Make sure to have a few hours of sleep prior to the climb
Travel as light as you can
Several jackets were not necessary, was't that cold as anticipated
Water and snacks to cover for the whole 8 hours total trek time and 2 hours pictorial
A few water pipes are available along the way
Respect the area to ensure good weather throughout 

Thanks to our travel guides Cheryl Lacerna and Mark Pesigan
Budget P2600/person (group of 8) inclusive of jeepney package (Baguio-Benguet-Baguio, homestay-ranger station-homestay), registration, dinner, breakfast, and lunch, local guide, three rooms
Even though the trek was so tiring(I would suggest that you
exercise weeks before the trip), and I got food poisoned or something after reaching the peak(I don't know what I ate. I was the only one who got sick), everything was worth it! I would probably go back to the peak, but not this year coz I had enough hiking as of now.  

Have a great Sunday everyone! :)



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