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Monday, August 24, 2015

 Today's post would be sharing to you guys some of my design works. I'm showing you the architectural interior and layout I did for my client's 2 bedroom condo unit.
Here's the view as you enter the condo. You can see first the dining and living area.
I made the kitchen cabinets and counter top in the hue of white because the kitchen had no natural light coming in, so better use light hues in order to brighten it up.

Living in a condo means having small spaces. By using mirrors, it would help make the seem area bigger. 
 The second bedroom was made into an office.
Another view of the office.
Master's bedroom
Aside from playing with colors on walls and ceilings, adding texture is another way of adding depth and variation to the area.

What I like being an architect is to be able to design livable spaces for people. I would have to say that I enjoy doing architectural interiors and houses, rather than big buildings and other huge structures. Why? Because you get to incorporate the client's personal preference, character and style to the output. 

Happy Monday everyone! :)


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