Ugly Betty

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

photos by: Jesse Jake
top: Forever21
glasses: Emporio Armani

I rarely post outfit photos while wearing my glasses. Yup, I'm blind when I don't wear glasses! I used to walk around without any glasses on. I dislike wearing them because I have braces, and wearing them with glasses just makes it more obvious that I'm a total dork. Hahaha! ;) But that was before cause I was pretty much mistaken as a snob a lot of times, which is not true. I just can't see clearly that's why I don't say "hi" or something. When there's an event or a photo shoot, that's the only time I use contact lenses. Aside from that, I wear my glasses most of the time so that I can see all of your beautiful faces, even if I look dorky or like ugly betty. ;)



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