Exploring Hong Kong: 10 things To Do

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Last March 17, I finally done something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. To travel to another country! As what most Filipinos' first choice is when they go outside the country, Hong Kong is usually the answer. So was mine. Another thing is, I went there alone! A lot were wondering why I'm doing it, if I'm sure about it, and were worried that I might get lost. Anyway, I'll be making a post about solo traveling soon.

So back to the trip that I had, I made an itinerary for my 2 full day stay at Hong Kong, and one day itinerary for Macau(will make a post about it soon). I based my itinerary on the places that I wanted to visit, most of my to do lists are sight seeings, of course with a budget. So here's the list of activities that I did in Hong Kong. 

1. Visit Victoria Park
I was lucky enough that the dates I chose for my trip had the same schedule for their flower festival. It was the most colorful part of my trip in Hong Kong!

2. City Viewing at Victoria Peak
City viewing at Sky Terrace 428 is a must when you visit Hong Kong. The view is just spectacular!
at the Peak Tram

3. Night stroll at Time Square
I just love how a number of roads are closed and the streets become buzzing with people. Even at night time, Hong Kong is still busy.
Michael Lau Exhibition at the Living Room Museum

4. A walk at Kowloon Park
Here at the park, there are a number of things that you can do. You can join other people do Tai Chi, jog around, take a look at their mini zoo, walk around their gardens, and a lot more. I spent most of my morning at this park, which was quite refreshing and a great way to start my day!

5. Architectural Appreciation
Bank of China by I.M. Pei

This one will always be on my list when I travel. Visit the buildings that were discussed back when I was still studying architecture. It's just amazing that you can finally see in person what your teacher used to discuss to you, or just appreciate the architecture of Hong Kong. What I like about Hong Kong's architecture is that it is a mixture of both western and eastern culture.
HSBC Building by Foster + Partners
St. John's Cathedral - the oldest surviving western ecclesiastical building in Hong Kong
Court of Final Appeal Building by Sir Aston Webb and Ingress Bell
Jockey Club Innovation Tower by Zaha Hadid

6. Experience Mongkok
Old buildings, busy markets, cheap food, and many more! Here you'll experience authentic Chinese lifestyle!

7. Street Art at Central
It's quite amazing how you can find many street art on this place.Too bad that I got to visit here at night time, without bringing my camera with me! Will definitely go back here next time... during day time!

8. Night Market at Temple Street
If you want to buy souvenirs or do some shopping before you leave Hong Kong,a visit to Temple Street is a great idea. You can find a lot of cheap stuff here. Plus you can bargain with the seller if you want to, but most of the time they would just lower the price themselves!

9. Nightlife at Lan Kwai Fong
Lan Kwai Fong is the party district of Hong Kong. So if you really want to loosen up 
and enjoy your night, this place is for you.

10. Stroll at Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade
A walk along Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade can bring you to The Avenue of the Stars, Hong Kong Cultural Center, and Hong Kong Space Museum. You can also enjoy Hong Kong's skyline over the waters of Victoria Harbor. 
Hong Kong Space Museum
Victoria Harbour
Hong Kong Cultural Center

Bonus Tips:
-Purchase an Octopus card upon arriving at the airport. This card can be used for transportation fares. You can also use it in some stores or restaurants. Read more about it here.
-Buy yourself a local sim card for internet access everywhere. It's useful especially when you need directions.
-When you're traveling alone, consider staying at a hostel. You'll meet a lot of people there. Stayed at Urban Pack Hostel since it has a good location and their price was cheap. They also had a massage chair and a great view of the city! Click here to get a discount on your first booking at Airbnb.
View from 15th floor at the Urban Pack Hostel

My short stay in Hong Kong was indeed well spent. Though there were a few places that I wanted to go but wasn't able to since it consumes a lot of travel time. Anyway, I'm still planning to go back in the future. Even though I went to Hong Kong alone, I didn't feel lonely 'cause I was having a great time. Not to mention, I made new friends too! Overall, I can say that my first out of the country trip is something that I wont forget. 


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