Amano by Dexter Alazas

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Amano is a local brand by a well known fashion designer, Dexter Alazas. It's his advocacy line which promotes everything made in Cebu. The brand caters ready-to-wear clothing, bags, jewelry, and shoes that is mainly made locally here in Cebu. 

 The fabric used for this line is Hablon. The Hablon, an old-aged weaving industry in Argao, is the first of its kind under Amano. It uses different fibers in the process such as abaca, telax, polyester, rotex, and tingkal. 

Most of the clothing pieces are ready to wear, which I will be posting on my next post. The clothing line varies from dresses, tapis, sarong, kaftan, to patadjong. Amano is not only for women, it also caters to men. 

Amano started in 2014 in search for ordinal Cebuana wear. It has been Dexter Alazas' dream to create a signature local fashion that keeps tradition and culture with a conscoius sustainable appeal. 

Visit their facebook to know more about Amano.


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