Sunday, February 19, 2017

photos by: Klentourist
dress: Forever 21
bag: Jansport

For the past weeks, my schedule has been cramped up. Not because of work, but because of my family. It's been years already since my family gathered all together, complete. They all live in different countries/cities, making it almost impossible for everyone to be in one place. Good thing that my sister decided to have her wedding here... everyone showed up! Been going out with my family, spoiling me with what I want (perks of being the youngest), and trying to complete their checklist of food that they miss. Yes, these are the things that I've been so busy with. So stressful right? ;) Sadly, everyone had already left and went back to their new homes. This kinda explains why I'm back to blogging again. Happiness and a bit sadness fill up inside of me. Happy because I get to see everyone after a long time, and sad because I'll be missing them again. Either way, I'm just thankful that we finally met again and catch up even just for a few days. :)  

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