Everyday Is A Savings Day At Gaisano Grand Mall

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Have you ever wanted to shop and at the same time, spend less? Sale season can surely give you big savings, but waiting for it to arrive can take forever especially when you want to buy something at the moment. At times like this, I usually go to Gaisano Grand Mall. I've been a shopper at Gaisano Grand Mall because they offer a lot of items at reasonable prices, even if it's not sale season. Yes, you heard that right. Shopping at Gaisano Grand Mall is like a shopping haven for those who want to save more and for those who are stingy, like me. You can find a lot of stuff in store. From fashion, accessories, and even up to home items.
In the ladies department, you can find outfits that range from casual, beach, active wear, party, to formal looks.
Looks for different occasions that cater to different sizes.
(Click here to see my top picks)

The men's department also gives the same range as the ladies department.
They also offer different outfits that range from casual to formal as well. Not to mention, they also have the latest trend,
which is the side stripe pants! So for those who are searching for the side stripe pants that are affordable, you can find it here!

The shoe department. I really had fun looking through are of the mall because they have pieces where in I can't find in other malls, but only through the internet.
What's more exciting is that the price is really affordable compared to what I saw on the internet!
You can also make sure that it fits right there and then! Here are some of the shoes that I've been looking for.

The accessories department is such an eye candy. Colors bursting through this section which
will surely give you the right accessory for your look. Bags, jewelries, scarves, hair accessories,
all of these can be found in this department.

And lastly, one of my favorite department, the home department. Since I'm not living together with my family
and have a place of my own, I've been visiting this department for my new called home.
From furniture, to home accessories, they offer various items in great bargains.
I just love how good the designs of their items look and at the same time remain very affordable.

Even though I get to visit Gaisano Grand Mall from time to time, I still get excited whenever I visit.
Surprisingly, they update their items regularly and keep up with the trend!
Gaisano Grand Mall indeed lives up to their slogan, where everyday is a savings day!

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