8 Things To Do In Dapitan

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Located in the southern part of the Philippines, Dapitan is one of those places that you'll surely love because of it's rich history and abundant nature. It was not long ago when I finally got to explore and experience Dapitan for four days. When I first arrived at Dapitan, I immediately noticed how peaceful and alluring the place was. I just love how simple, raw, and lush the surrounding was. For this post, I'll be listing 8 things and/or places that you'll need to experience when you visit Dapitan.


I've heard that Dakak Beach Resort was quite popular in Dapitan. No wonder why. The resort was huge and it has so many facilities and activities! We we stayed at Villa Angelina Suites(will be posting another post for this), and the first word that came out to my mouth was "wow".  
The architecture and interior of the Villa was in tropical modern contemporary design. I like the freshness and warmth of the place, making your stay cozy and relaxing.   

Even their bathroom looks fresh and clean!
If you're going to use their whirlpool, make sure to use them late in the afternoon. You will be ending the day with a stunning sunset view.


Located along the Sulu Sea Coast, Dakak Golf Club gives you an exquisite scenery of nature. The golf course is so vast, with a twist of various levels of  land and slopes, it is said to be one of the challenging golf course to play in.  


I've been to two river cruises, this being the third, and each of them is a different experience. Aside from the good food and the serenade from the performer, the Dapitan River Cruise was all about the surrounding. I was quite surprised how wide the river is. The fresh air and peaceful surrounding makes you reconnect with nature. Truly a refreshing experience.


At Dakak Beach Resort, you don't only get to enjoy their beautiful and inviting beach, you can also be active and try out their exciting Water Sports. Experience relaxation and fun in one beach.
They offer water skiing, banana boat, kayaking, parasailing, and wake boarding to name a few. Click here to view their prices.


If you're up for adventure and thrill, Dakak Adventure Zone will surely be the place to go. They offer, horse back riding, ATV, rock climbing, airsoft, and dual zipline. Click here to view their prices.
If you visit there, try out their zipline. It is said to be the longest dual zipline in Asia!


One way of spending your night is to spend it at Gloria's Fantasyland. This place is filled with fun rides, amazing performances by entertainers, and a scary horror house! Entrance is at Php 1000 per person, and it includes unlimited access to all rides and attractions.
Their horror house is the scariest one in the Philippines, and one of the best in Asia! 
For a small city, Glorias Fantasyland is really good for an amusement park! No wonder it is one of Dapitan's main attractions.


Daptian is known as the "Shrine City in the Philippines". Dapitan is also where Rizal (Philippine's National Hero) was exiled by the Spaniards. The rich history is what makes this place so significant and special.
Rizal's Landing Site
St. James Church symbolizes the early Christianization of Dapitan. It is also where Rizal attend mass during his exhile.
Rizal Park and Shrine is a place where it is all dedicated to Rizal's Life and Works.


Held annualy, Estivale Dakak beach festival is held in Dakak beach resort on the month of May. Performances from a featured artist, fire dances, and guest DJ are one of the few things you expect on this festival.
With Spongecola's guitarist, Arminov

For this year's festival, I got so lucky because I finally saw a live performance from one of my favorite local band, Spongecola! Yes, that was the highlight of my evening. ;p
Fashion show featuring Dexter Alazas' designs. 

With  Jesse and Katrina

Staying there for four days, we were able to do a lot of activities. But again, we weren't ready to leave the place. Everything was so chill and relaxing. From the food, to the beaches, the new people we've met, the beautiful sites, the lush scenery, and the good company I had with Jesse and Katrina, it was so memorable. I have to say, those four days spent there was surely the highlight of my summer this year. 

Visit Dakak Park and Beach Resort on their Website and Facebook page for more info.

Special thanks to Dakak Beach Resort for making this possible. All opinions remain my own.

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