3 Days in Venice

Monday, March 29, 2021

Never in my wildest dreams that I thought that I would visit Venice one day. Well, I thought about it but I really didn't mind if I can go there, especially in my 20's. And yet it happened! Life indeed is full of surprises! I have to say that I wasn't that excited when I was on my way to Venice. Maybe because I had no sleep and I planned to go there the last minute. Also because I wanted to visit La Biennale. But upon reaching Venice, everything sank in and I realized how lucky I am to be there. No wonder people fall in love with Venice.

When is the best time to visit Venice
As what I have read and heard from other people, on months September to November where less people are coming.

How to get there from Florence
I rode a train from Florence. You can search your preferred train schedule at Omio and book online. If not, you can book your ticket at the train station, there are a lot of ticketing machines that accepts card or cash. Since I wanted to start my day there early, I took the train(TrenItalia) which departed at 4:32 a.m. from S.M.N. Station, and arrives at 9:18 a.m. in Venezia Sta. Lucia Station. Always remember to validate your ticket before entering the train to avoid penalties. If you have forgotten to validate it and the train has left, just approach any attendant and they will just write on your ticket.

water boat in Venice

Going around in Venice
Walking is the best way to see Venice. But if you don't want to walk a lot, I recommend on availing the Rolling Venice Card. You pay 29 euros(if you are between 6-29 yrs. old) for your ACTV Public Transport for 3 days travelcard. Regular price for 3 days is 40 euros. And one way ride costs 7 euros. Click here to learn more.

If you are from the ages 6-29, I recommend you buying the Rolling Venice Discount Card to enter some of the Museums. Costs only 29 euros, and it includes the Doge's Palace, Clock Tower, Correr Museum, and the Jewish Museum to name a few. Click here to learn more.

As I've mentioned earlier, I went to Venice the last minute. But I'll share to you guys on how I spent my 3 days in Venice.

St. Mark's
I decided to visit the top tourist sites first because it was a Friday, and I wanted to go there when there were lesser people. I suggest to start with Doge's Palace and then St. Mark's(or the other way around) because these two attractions get to have long lines.
    Doge's Palace
    St. Mark's
    Correr Museum
    St. Mark's Square
    Rialto Bridge

Burano Island
On the second day, I did some day trip in some islands near Venice. I made sure I visited Burano island first thing in the morning at 8am to avoid crowds.
    Burano Island (stayed for 2 1/2 hours)
        Lace Museum
    Murano Island (stayed for 2 hours)
        Museo del Vetro
Went beck to Venice around 1 pm
    Jewish Ghetto
    Scala Contarini del Bevolo

At La Biennale Exhibition
Since I'm an architect and I love seeing exhibitions, I went to La Biennale on my last day. La Biennale/Biennale Architettura is an architecture exhibition that happens every year from May to November. So if you are interested in seeing the exhibition, check their official website to learn more. I started early in the morning around 9am. Spent around 5-6 hours at the exhibition(it's really huge). 

St. Mark's Square

After watching the exhibition, I decided to just walk around Venice, went to a souvenir shop, took some photos, and enjoyed the view. 

Burano Island

1. The alleys are very small, there are a lot of small passages around that it gets confusing sometimes. If you are traveling alone and you only rely on Google maps/maps on your phone, I suggest you take with you a map of Venice just to be sure. Sometimes the signal doesn't work. Got lost a couple of time. So allow more time when walking!

2. There is almost no night life or clubs in Venice, which makes the city so quiet and empty at night. If you are traveling alone, go back to your hotel/hostel/BnB before it gets dark. I honestly felt scared walking at night alone in the small dark alleys. XD 

3. If you want to eat in a restaurant and you're on a budget, avoid dining near the touristic places. There are a lot of decent restaurant in the city!

Overall, I loved Venice! Venice is very charming and romantic. The canals and the small bridges give so much character to the city. Staying 3 days in Venice was enough for me. You can stay longer or shorter if you want, just remember to enjoy your stay there! :)


  1. Venice is on my bucket list. You got to see a lot in your 3 days and it looks like it was amazing.

  2. Oh this brings back memories! Like you, I also never thought I would make it to Venice in my 20s, but I did. I also thought it was only popular for honeymooning couples, but I went solo and still had a good time. ��

  3. Okay, I am missing Italy SO MUCH. This is bringing back all of the memories for me. Really ready for international travel to resume again <3

  4. I have never been to Italy, but would love to go! Your pictures are beautiful and I found all the tips about walking and buying the pass helpful.

  5. That's awesome that you got to go to Venice! I've never been but would love to visit someday. I love how colorful it is there!

  6. I really miss Venice. Went there back in 2016 and really wanna go again.


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