Comfit Opening

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I don't know if you can see it, but the brown Vega loafers(3rd from the right) is my favorite! 

Love the silver & gold heels!

With Charmaine De Leon

With the owner of Comfit, Daphy

 Comfit shoes are indeed comfortable! Not only comfortable, but also stylish!
I actually have a lot of favorites, too bad I didn't have much money. Well, I think I'll just drop by some other time... for those Loafers! ;) 

denim jacket: vintage
striped dress: divided
flats: parisian

I've been busy doing our thesis in the past few days, I haven't really thought about what I would wear for the opening of Comfit. It was only this morning I've decided what to wear. I wanted to wear something casual and chic, so I grabbed my striped dress and paired it with a denim jacket (I don't know if you've noticed, but I love pairing my outfit with denim jacket). Since I was going to the opening of Comfit with my friend Charmaine, I've decided to wear flats thinking that she would wear flats. But I was wrong, she wore heels! (she also thought of me always wearing heels. haha) So yeah, that explains my tiptoeing on the photos (if you've noticed ;)). 

Anyway, I'm showing you what I wore to the Comfit opening at JCentre Mall today. 
Casual & chic, that's what I would describe it. ;)


  1. I went there with my sister. Wala ta nag abot. =)

    1. really? sayo ra kaayo mi, class pa man gud namu... haha :)


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