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Saturday, December 8, 2012

 Looks like I'm in a modern Greek resort right? But it's not. This is at the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod in SRP. Went there earlier today. :) 
I have to say that this chapel, by far, is the most modern chapel I've seen(in person of course!). Really love the architecture from inside out!

 The church consists of 100 walls, having different heights. They say that the walls symbolize the people, clustered together to form some kind of congregation. (Not sure. Just research it for yourself to know more about it!;))
 By the way, the Architect of this chapel is Architect Carlos Arnaiz. 
 It was my mom's idea to come visit this chapel. I'm glad that we really did push through 
with her idea! :)

 This is my first time to see a crab at a church. Very unusual. haha!

top: Greenhills bazaar
shorts: bazaar
shoes: Parisian
hat: SM department store

Showing you what I wore today. 
Just wore something casual because we bought our puppy, Chizball, together with her friend(you'll meet him soon!), and  took her around the city. Spent almost the whole day walking 
around with two puppies. Bringing Chizball and her friend along was really tiring, but also 
enjoyed a lot! :)

How's your day? ;)



  1. I love your top! Lovely photos, too! =)

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