Tiny Ensembles

Saturday, December 22, 2012

With Guanne.
(Really love the neon dress!)

Jesse told me that this photo lacked something... me holding a cigar and a wine! haha

Looks like a maxi skirt, but it's actually pants!

 Had a hard time with this photo since it was taken at the sidewalk... 
There were a lot of people watching! :/

Weeks ago, I did a collaboration with my friend's shop called Tiny Ensembles. Most of her pieces are trendy casuals. Given only half a day to complete the shoot with 18 outfits was very difficult and tiring(wasn't really feeling well at that time). Despite the work and all, I had fun wearing the clothes! 

Anyway, I'm showing to you some of the photos that I look decent because there 
were a LOT of photos that I look so... wrong... haha! ;) 


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