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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

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Photos by: Dianne Acebedo
Heels: So Fab
Floral Headband: DIY

Hey everyone! I'm baaaack!!! After months of doing thesis and other responsibilities, I've finally graduated college! I'm so excited with what's next for the coming months 'coz I'll be doing my apprenticeship and also have more time on blogging, especially now it's summer!!! :)))

Anyway, noticed anything different? Well, I think it's pretty obvious. I did a lot of changes on my blog, the layout, blog address, and my blog title. Since I'll be facing a new chapter in my life facing adulthood(feels weird to say that word... so... mature! haha), I decided to make these changes to go with it! 

Now let's talk about this look... As you can see, it simply says feminine! After deciding to change my blog name from "Curious Chup" to "Head Over Heels", I wanted to wear my favorite pair of heels from So Fab and make it the statement. Wearing a simple white dress draws more attention on the heels. I've been seeing a lot of floral crowns lately, so I decided on making one for myself and wore it for this look. The floral crown definitely added a sweet touch to the whole look!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post! Will be blogging more on the next following days!
Have a happy summer everyone! :)


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