Scribbled Legs

Monday, April 22, 2013

one of my favorites, Mogu Mogu! :)

Photos by: Ed Dilla
Leggings: Fashion Market
Heels: Parisian
Bag: bought in UK

I'm not really fond of wearing leggings 'coz for me, leggings are for those who have perfect legs(we all have issues with our bodies... obviously, mine are my legs, but I still love them! lol). But when I saw this leggings at Fashion Market, I fell inlove with it! I love the geometric/scribbled design! So yeah, these leggings(or any amzing leggings) are an exception! Since the leggings itself is already a statement, I just paired it with a plain blue tank top and my heels from Parisian

Well, I hope you liked my outfit (leggings. haha) post for today!


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