Casual Denim

Sunday, June 22, 2014

photos by: Jesse Jake
dress: Charlotte Russe
heels: Primadonna

I'm back! I know, I know, I've been on and off lately, but atleast I'm still active with my 
blog... somehow. Lol. This post was taken last April, which was 2 months ago... 
So yeah, again, sorry for the late post! Haha.

Looking at these photos make me realize that I miss wearing heels. It's been awhile since 
I've worn heels! I miss the pain and joy (it makes me taller) of wearing them. haha! 
Anyway, let's go back to my outfit. I love denim and lace, always have! Wearing the dress alone 
would have been too dressy for an ordinary day, so I paired it with a denim vest to make it more casual. 
The combination of the two gives the feminine and casual chic daytime vibe to the whole look. This is 
one of my favorite casual looks. Well, everything that I post here in my blog are 
probably my favorites. ;)

Happy Sunday everyone! :)



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