Finally 23

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

photos by: Jesse Jake
dress: Splurge Less

Just turned a year older(and wiser) last May 30. I still can't believe it... I'm finally 23! As I look back through the years, I can really say that a lot of things have changed and time does really fly fast! I may not have everything right now, or do what I really want to do, or even be at the place where I want to be, but one thing's certain, everything that is happening right now is where I'm supposed to be. I didn't really expect that my birthday weekend would turn out great because of some things(better keep it to myself. haha), but it did! Anyway, I'm just glad how it turned out! :)

Have a great evening everyone! 


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  1. Hi Sophia! Found your blog through lookbook. I was wondering if you mind following each others blog? :)


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