Ripped Jeans

Saturday, February 28, 2015

photos by: Jesse Jake
top: diy
sunnies: Forever 21
shoes: Topshop

A pair of high waist ripped jeans and crop top  reminds me of the 80's trend, well it doesn't remind me to be exact because I didn't exist at that time, but my mom did! Every time my mom sees someone wearing something similar of what I'm wearing, she tells me it was their thing when she was younger. It's kinda weird hearing that from my my mom with a picture in my head of her wearing this kind of outfit at the moment. Haha! Hi mom! Anyway, will be heading to Manila next week for our oath taking. So excited to see some of my friends there, and ofcourse, to take some outfit shots! ;) But first, I have to finish all of my pending posts coz it's waaay overdue. Haha! Keep posted! ;)

Have a great weekend everyone! :)



  1. You look so cool!
    Your top makes me wanna try and DIY something again, but I'm extra good at ruining every project I attempt. Whoops.
    I'm also soooo jealous of your weather. I wanna wear crop tops and short sleeves again. :(

    Theresa |

    1. Thank you so much Theresa! Don't lose hope. As what the saying goes, practice makes perfect! ;)


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