Tuesday, February 17, 2015

photos by: Jesse Jake
top & palazzo pants: Let's Stylize
heels: CMG

Believe it or not, this shoot is by far the fastest shoot I ever had! These photos were taken in less than a minute. Yup, less than a minute! And that, my friend, only happens when you try to take photos in a place where it has an amazing view in a restricted area around 6 in morning. Thank God we got to take a few shots before the guard approached us. Haha! ;)

I love how vivid and picturesque the view looks, how the hint of orange matches with the sunrise, and how serious my facial expression went throughout the entire shoot(I usually have a picture of me smiling while I'm posing. But not this time. Haha). Though we were only able to produce a few shots, I'm so happy with every single shot we were able to get. The risk was all worth it! ;)


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