Friday, June 5, 2015

photos by: Jesse Jake
shoes: Janylin

Just turned 24 last May 30. So yeah, I'll be having my quarter life crisis soon. Haha! Did a shoot where I'm very much lady like coz I know that I don't really dress up maturely most of the time(my mom usually complains about it), so I came up with this look. Too lady like that the whole look kinda reminds me of stepford wives where they all look so prim and proper, almost perfect that they freak me out! Just kidding! ;) I love how sweet and dainty the whole look is. The cut and fit of the dress is just right. As much as I love the color pink, I prefer wearing yellow coz it looks good on my dark skin.   

Anyway, will be making a post about my birthday week on my next posts. I'm still sorting out the photos coz there are tons of them. So again, just keep posted! ;)

Enjoy your weekend everyone! :)




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