Taal Volcano

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Last May 30, my birthday, I did a different experience. Wanted to do something new on my birthday, so my friends and I went to visit a volcano! Yup, a volcano. Taal Volcano is located in the province of Batangas. It was one of my to-do-list on my birthday week. Too bad that I got sick on my birthday(got dehydrated or food poisoned or something... I wasn't feeling well), so I only got a few photos. :(
Meet my adventure buddies for this trip, Niel and my boyfriend, Jesse!
We got a package deal for 3 persons with a price of P4,000. It's already a great deal since it already covers the boat ride from Talisay to Taal island, entrance fee, horseback riding towards the crater and back with mask and gloves(it gets really dusty when you ride a horse), a hat(good thing they provided one!), and a fresh coconut drink after the trip! I actually forgot the name of the agency, but you can contact the agent, Brian, through this number. 09172032792 
So the whole trip started 7:00 a.m., the agent met us at Talisay market, and we convoyed towards the port. The boat ride towards the island took around 15 minutes to get there. When we reached the island, the first thing that I noticed was that the place was kinda' messy. I wondered if that was the usual setting of the island or is it because there were a lot of tourists and it was peak season. Anyway, I do hope people would do something about it.
Upon reaching the island, we were accompanied by the locals to our rides. I personally don't like to have a horse as means of transportation coz I dislike seeing horses getting whipped. But again, I wasn't feeling really well, the heat was making me dizzy, and I would probably faint if I walked 2km under the scorching sun. Good thing my guide wasn't being hard on my horse!
On the way to the crater, we passed by a lot of  interesting views. Wasn't able to take photos coz I was trying to hold myself together and made sure that I would still be conscious upon reaching the crater. Haha! After 20-30 minutes of riding the horse under the crazy heat(it felt like an hour, but I'm sure it didn't reach that long. But in my situation, it was really really agonizing. Haha!), we finally reached the crater! 
The view was really amazing! I finally got to see an active volcano!
I was too scared to have my photo taken on the edge. So I just took Jesse's photo!
On the other side of the crater was the Red Lava. There was an entrance fee of P50. 
On the Red Lava, there were portions of steam coming out. Like the one that we're lying on, but in front of us! Haha! It was really hot! 
We started descending around 10:15 a.m. since it got really hot and our stomachs also said it was time! Haha! 
Despite the insane scorching heat of the sun and my body not cooperating with me on that day, the whole experience was amazing! I finally got to witness this geological wonder. A volcano within a lake within a volcano. How cool is that? ;)




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