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Monday, May 23, 2016

I rarely make post that involves cosmetics 'cause I have sensitive skin and it's kinda hard for me to look for a product that's compatible with my skin type. But I'm glad there's a brand that has been added to my skin routine. 
 Naturactor Cover Face Concealer works well on my bipolar/sensitive/oily/choosy skin. It's my new favorite! I chose the  shade 141. Got mine from Let's Stylize. :D 
 Here's a photo of my face without Naturactor. I suffered from severe acne before, leaving some marks and a few pimples on my face. Yes, my face was a lot worse than this one. Haha!
 With Naturactor.
My everyday make up consists only of  a concealer (to cover my blemishes), loose powder, and groomed eyebrows since I dislike wearing heavy make up. I'm glad that Naturactor is light and blends well on my skin. Indeed, Naturactor gives you that natural make up look.

Visit Let's Stylize Cosmetics on facebook to see more of their products. 


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