Monday, May 16, 2016


sophia sanchez

forever 21, sophia sanchez

michael kors, forever 21, sophia sanchez

sophia sanchez
photos by: Jesse Jake
skirt: Forever 21
bag: Michael Kors
shoes: Topshop
sunnies: Penshoppe

It's Monday and I definitely don't feel the Monday blues today. In fact, I'm feeling the total opposite! Probably because it's my birth month. Yes, that surely is the reason for my giddiness lately! I can't wait to celebrate my birthday week! Though it's still a few weeks away and there were a few changes on where I was planning to celebrate my birthday wee. But whatever, I'm still gonna enjoy it! Will share about it through a vlog maybe? Anyway, just keep posted for updates. 

 Have a great evening everyone! :) 


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