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Saturday, August 20, 2016

As Jesse and I was about to give a talk about styling for people who has cancer at the cancer fair, we first went to the technical booth to hand out our usb for the presentation. Waiting for our files to be transferred, I noticed a small play pen beside the technical booth. What I saw was heart breaking.
 Seeing kids with cancer, I didn't know how to feel at that moment. It was too depressing. I was standing outside the play pen and just stared at them for awhile. And then I realized, despite them having cancer, they still managed to smile. 
I don't know if you've noticed kids these days, but most of them are tilting their heads over a phone or tablet. But these kids, they were genuinely happy. They enjoyed each other's company. May it be them laughing at each other, fighting each other, or even just by sitting silently by their side. They were connecting. 
Their illness didn't stop them from seeing the brightside, to things that actually matter. It was refreshing to see this kind of happiness, so pure and genuine. 
Happiness is what people are trying to accomplish in hopes of finding them along the way. But what they don't know is that happiness has always been with them all along. Happiness is about seeing what really matters. Happiness is about appreciating what you have. Happiness is a choice.    
We all have our own problems in life. It's okay to cry or be sad about it for a moment, but what's not okay is when we stop living our life. Spend time wisely and appreciate everything around us. 
You'll see how amazing and beautiful life is.  

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