Thursday, August 4, 2016

photos by: Jesse Jake
top: Aprikot
skirt: Penshoppe
shoes: SM Department Store
cap: New Era

Feeling a bit jaded these past few days because I have been so lazy lately. Perhaps the weather or the poor diet? The weather nowadays makes me wanna stay in bed the whole day, which sadly I can't do due to lack of time and tons of things to do. And yes, I guess I have been eating too much pizza and burgers... and fries. So yeah, I just realized that I better clean up my eating habits and do some exercise for the good of my health. Hahaha!
Denim will always be one of my favorite staple. It basically goes with everything. I opted for a casual sporty look, so I paired my denim skirt with a halter top, sneakers, and a cap. The stripe on the edges added a bit of playfulness to my top. This look kinda' resembles a tennis player's outfit, or a golf player's look but minus the denim! ;)

Anyway, I'm just excited for Saturday to come cause I have no plans or events to attend to, or do I?Hope that I could stay home this Saturday! ;)


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