A Quarter of Squares

Saturday, December 3, 2016

photos by: Jesse Jake
coordinates: Dare to Dream
sunnies: Sunnies by Charlie
heels: Janylin

After searching for possible places that would allow myself to shoot without any restrictions and having eyes glued on to me, this coastal area has saved me so many times. I'm glad that this look also complements the setting not only because of the colors, but also the feel and the story it portrays. Probably someone who's on her way to a yacht party, or maybe just a girl having herself taken photos in hopes of not falling off the platform and waiting for the shoot to be over. I think the first one sounds better. Haha! I just love how the coordinates print look like they're stripes at first, but it's actually not. A quarter of squares in offsets create an amazing graphic illusion. Kinda refreshing because it's unusual and new. Keeping my outfit as the main focus of my look, I just added a pair of white sunnies and stilletos for a clean and coordinated look. 

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