Friday, December 23, 2016

photos by: Jesse Jake
overalls: Rum & Coco
shoes: Forever 21
hat: H&M

Have you ever felt like you just wanna stop everything that you're doing and wished that you were a kid again, where everything was simple and easy? I have been in that state for quite awhile now. I guess everyone who's probably in their quarter life felt the same. Just recently, I saw a video of how people nowadays are so worried about their future without realizing that they're rushing everything and forgetting what's more important. Embracing the moment. The older people in the video regretted on how they rushed things in life and wished how they could have just enjoyed life that was in front of them. The video struck me because I have been so worried and kept on overthinking on unfortunate things that haven't or probably won't happen. Yes, I tend to overthink at times. Haha! Seeing that video kinda took off the heavy weight that I've been feeling for quite awhile now. 

Dress overalls always remind me of my childhood, kindergarten to be exact. I remember wearing my uniform, which was a blue dress overalls, with a white top, a pair of black leather shoes, and a red headband. Yes, my red headband was part of my everyday look at that time. Haha! When I saw the dress overalls at Rum & Coco, I immediately chose it! Having my own piece of dress overalls gives me good memories way back when I was younger. Paired it with a plain gray top since the overalls were in stripes and I  didn't want my outfit to look that busy. Wore a pair of black boots and a black hat for an added grunge feel to my look. 

Visit Rum and Coco's website to see more of their pieces.

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