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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Living in a city is what I really enjoy as of the moment. Big structures, on going construction, the busy streets, people walking on a fast pace, I like the overall urban scene. The fullness of a city always makes an interesting cityscape. Travelling to other countries wherein it is highly urbanized is on top of my list. How a country is being developed somehow shows the country's culture and most importantly, it's identity. And that's what I like about travelling, witnessing the distinction of each and every place.

Shot these photos last August when I was in Manila. Manila is probably one of those places where I have always visited ever since I was young. Comparing Manila from before and now, I have to say nothing has really changed. Always busy and scorching hot. Well, Philippines has always been that way ever since. For a city that's always on the run, wearing comfortable clothes will always be a good idea. A slip on dress is one of my go to outfits. Paired it with a vest to tone down the feminine feel to it and make it look less like lingerie. Finished it with a pair of glasses and boots for a cool chic look.

Speaking of which, I'll be back in Manila next week for a couple of days. Will be there for a convention, and hopefully will be able to catch up with some old friends in between my tight schedule. Anyway, Happy Easter everyone!

photos by: Jesse Jake
dress: Blind Clothing
vest: bought it from a friend
boots: Forever 21
glasses: bazaar

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