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Friday, May 5, 2017

In times when you're caught up with too much stress and work, a quick getaway will always do the trick. Cebu is an island wherein it has everything. City life, road trip to the mountains, quick trip to the beach, basically anything you can think of. I love my hometown, but sometimes you just want to go to places where it's quite unfamiliar to you. A trip towards the western part of the Philippines perhaps? Luckily AirAsia now offers affordable flights from Cebu to Puerto Princessa, which is one of my favorite islands here in the Philippines. Having to visit Puerto Princessa for the second time and exploring the island still excite me as the island has so much to offer. 

"...but sometimes you just want to go to places where it's quite unfamiliar to you. "

As my media friends and I arrived in the island later in the evening, we immediately went to check in at Ai World Palawan. It took us about 20 minutes to arrive at our destination. Since it was already late, I really didn't expect to see much. However, when we arrived at the resort, the place was shining with vibrant colors. The different splash of lights made the place whimsical and magical. We had our dinner and went immediately to our rooms since the next day will be a long one.
 Day 2 at Puerto Princessa and I was greeted with this luscious scenery of greens on my balcony. The view of nature was indeed calming and relaxing. Not to mention, refreshing! The tranquility of the place is what I needed to start my day right.
Got up and explored the resort. The whole place was overwhelmed with so much greenery, and some parts blooming with bougainvilleas. The play of different themes in the resort gives the place its own charm to it. 

In the afternoon, we went up to witness the view of Nagtabon Beach. Viewing the beach in an aerial perspective is a different experience. You get to appreciate the place as a whole. A glimpse of nature connecting to the beach, the horizon of the waters and the sky, the sea breeze brushing your hair away, and the sun kissing your skin. These elements you can all experience it while being in this picturesque area.
Later in the afternoon, we went to Bacungan river. We cruised and viewed the mangroves while having our snacks. We stopped our boat and started one of the most difficult sport, fishing. Yes, it was difficult. In a group of 10, only one of us caught one fish. Aside from fishing, some of us also kayaked towards the mangroves. 

It was getting late and we headed back to the resort. We spent our whole evening at the recreational area. Music, dances, and food was overflowing that night. Weekends at Ai World is indeed full of activities, that you don't need to go out of the resort and look for something else. Not to mention, most of their food and beverage were affordable! 

Being a night person, I tried my best to wake up early to witness the sunrise. I'm glad that I did it. Watching the sunrise was beautiful, and will always be. The morning light gave the place a soft golden glow, which made the scenery even more charming. Romantic, as I would describe it.


as I would describe it."

 Had the pool all to ourselves since the place opens to the public at 7 am. It really pays to wake up early.

After breakfast, we explored the gardens at the resort. The resort is said to hopefully be full of flowers soon, a couple of years maybe. Can't imagine how this place is gonna be in time. The place is already lovely as of the moment.

 We checked out at our rooms and headed next to another resort, which is Blue Palawan. Blue Palawan is the only white sand beach resort in the heart of the city. In this resort, you can both have the pleasure of relaxation and the thrill of their recreational activities. They have wakeboarding, surfing, scuba diving, archery, kayaking and paddling towards the mangroves nearby. They're the only beach in the Philippines that has kiteboarding. 

Jeandie (Sun.Star), Marco (, Ehda (Freeman), Mariel (PR Works), Edd (, Migs (,
Victor (Cebu Daily News), Ram (, Sinjin (

Went home later that evening. A few days is never enough to explore the island, but those few days were the highlights of my summer. My second visit in Palawan was quite different from where I went the first time. Most of the places that we visited where new or underrated, which is a good thing because I get to experience the different wonders that Palawan has to offer. Thank you AirAsia for letting me join this unforgettable trip with these awesome people. 
Stay tuned on my vlog about my whole trip! :)

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