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Monday, May 15, 2017

When you hear of the island of Palawan, you immediately think of basking under the sun while staying at a beach resort. When I want to relax and just enjoy the tranquility of a place, Palawan is one of those islands that I badly want to visit. Luckily, AirAsia now offers direct flights from Cebu to Puerto Princessa daily with affordable rates! During my second trip to Palawan, AirAsia gave my friends and I a different experience. Instead of staying at the beach resort, we headed to a mountain resort instead, which is Ai World Palawan.

Ai World Palawan is Palawan's first mountain resort and I'm so glad that I was able to experience it first hand. Located in the mountains of Bacungan, Puerto Princessa, the mountain resort is said to have a 100 hectare land, having 20% developed area. The mountain resort is filled with gardens blooming with colorful bougainvilleas and waterparks with different themes. You can see a bit of Greece, a bit of France, a bit of Japan, and a bit of Colonial in their design and architecture. The resort having different aesthetics makes the whole place beautiful and charming.

"The resort having different aesthetics make the whole place beautiful and charming."
The Sapphire Hills Villa comprises of 10 cottages, overlooking to the scenic greenery of mountains.

The entrance fee for the resort costs Php 150 as an introductory price, and free on Sundays. Their villas per night starts from Php 4880.

All of the rooms have their own whirlpool tub.

This is the balcony from our room. Your view will be the luscious greens of mountains. So serene and calm.

This is Ai Boutique Town. It comprises a food complex, an entertainment center, art exhibits, and a souvenir shop.

This catchy pink walkway leads you to the villas. So it's not that hard to find your way back to your villa!

There are 3 restaurants at the resort. First one is the Rendevouz. This is the highest point among the 3 restaurants. You'll have a great view of the resort when you dine here.

The second restaurant is called To et Moi. It's located beside the garden full of flowers, and they also have a corner where kids can play.

The third restaurant is the food complex. Get entertained while having your dinner!

Got up early to witness the sunrise.

Ai World Palawan is a place for you to relax, enjoy and have fun. Sun lounging by the lake pool, a walk along the gardens blooming with flowers, destressing at the Jikitan pool, or get entertained by festive music, art, and dances on weekends at the Ai Boutique Town. There's so much to do in this resort! Ai World Palawan is another way to spend your vacation in the mountains. 

The resort was such a wonderful place to be in. Everything is picturesque. I just had to take photos at each area. My stay there seemed so short, but it was memorable. The whole experience was just what I needed to be ready to face back reality waiting for me when I get back home. Every corner has its own story to tell and warmth to it. Which I'll surely miss.

"Every corner has its own story to tell warmth to it."

The Lake pool

The gardens is said to be filled with flowers in a couple of years. Hopefully in five years.

My favorite spot in the resort. This is the Jikitan pool, also known as aqua therapy pool. 

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