Gray & Denim

Monday, July 3, 2017

These past few days have been gloomy and dark which I kinda love because it makes me want to stay in bed all day, doing nothing. But sadly, I can't. It's almost every day that I have something to do for work or go out for errands. Most of my weekends have been spent mostly related on blogging, which I don't mind because I really enjoy being an occasional blogger. Never did I expect that blogging can be time consuming and tiring. Sometimes I even question myself, how on earth did I manage to have a day job, accept freelance work, live independently, and at the same time become a blogger. And then I remember how my place looks like. So yeah, that explains it. These photos were taken on a weekend, in between events. Opted for something that's comfortable and casual since I was going out for the whole day. A good pair of jeans is always a good idea when you have a lot of things to attend. Got these jeans at Metro Department Store on their Denim Fair Sale at a good price. Decided to match the weather with this look and stick with gray hues. Even though the whole ensemble is monotonous, the tattered part of the jeans made the look interesting. Visit Metro Department Store to avail great deals for their denims this month!

photos by: Jesse Jake | top: Metro Department Store | jeans: Metro Department Store | shoes: H&M | bag: Ever New

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