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Saturday, July 1, 2017

This month has been packed for me. Even though there were long weekends, I spent those times doing research and working on a passion project that Jesse and I have been working on... which I will be sharing with you guys soon. Did a quick getaway a few weeks ago in Bohol, with Jesse. Explored the beaches and had a food trip since the food there was so affordable. Every time I travel, I usually wear a backpack since it's easier to bring and it's more convenient. Got this limited edition bag from Jansport, and it's in collaboration with Disney. Two classic brands in one! Visit any Bratpack and Travel Club store to get your very own limited edition Jansport backpack. :)  

P.S. I'm currently working on my new blog with my new domain. Yes, I'm changing my domain. Hopefully it will be up and running within this month. Please bear with me and keep posted! :)

photos by: Jesse Jake
bag: Jansport
top: Forever 21
cap: New Era Cap
skirt: Vero Moda
shoes: Flossy

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