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Thursday, October 3, 2019

My summer, for the past few years, has been spent on the beach or somewhere that is tropical and warm. This year is a bit different since I'm already living here in Florence. I went to a couple of towns around Italy. So, basically, I spent most of my summer in the city. I did go to a couple of beaches but most of the time I spent my summer exploring the city center. Anyway, here are some of the looks that I wore over the summer season from Femme Luxe.

First up is this daytime casual look. I just love how casual it looks with a cover up on. It also becomes a totally different look once I remove the cover up. You can wear the white corset with any bottoms depending on where you are going or how you want to look. I paired this white top with these red hot pants, still from Femme Luxe, to add a pop of color to my look. Red, being a bold color, really looks good with white since it balances everything out. Also, this color combination looks fresh too!

You can wear both these pieces separately and have them as a statement piece to your look. For the top, you can wear it as you want it. You can pair it with a pair of jeans, or maybe a skirt for a more feminine look. As for the pants, try wearing them with pieces with natural hues to balance the boldness of the color. 
Next up is this halter jumpsuit. I love how sophisticated and sexy this piece is. It's very easy to style. You can wear them with a pair of heels, a small bag, and you're all set! The small golden buttons on the waist area are great details added to this look. Try pairing your look with gold accessories to give more sophistication to your outfit. Plus gold really looks so good with black!

And lastly, this red satin dress. This dress is probably one of my favorites from Femme Luxe. I love how sexy and sultry this dress is. The silhouette is everything! I love how it shows all of your curves plus the satin cloth really emphasizes the shape of your body. The back detail is also one of my favorite parts of the dress. It's like a surprise when you turn your back. With this dress, you don't really need to accessorize that much because the dress itself is already a statement. 
Anyway, these are my favorite pieces that I love from Femme Luxe which I wore over the summer . Which one is your favorite?

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