Winter Looks: Femme Luxe

Monday, February 3, 2020

Winter is still here! Let me show you my favorite looks from Femme Luxe. Even though winter is about covering yourself as much as you can to keep yourself warm, you can still wear something sexy or fitted underneath. Just make sure that you have enough layers to walk around in the cold! Here are some the looks.

First up is this the Stone Ribbed V-Neck Midi Jumper Dress - Ivy. The length of this dress is not too long, not short either. The length is just right. It's very comfortable to wear and you can make this dress look all different by putting a shirt under it, adding a belt, wearing a coat, or simply by wearing the dress alone. It's very versatile. You can wear it in various ways just by simply accessorizing it. 

Next one is the Tan Belted High Neck Ribbed Bodycon Mini Dress - Emmy. I love the small detail of this dress. The part where the front part overlaps a bit on the back part. With this dress, you don't need to add more. Well maybe a jacket or a coat for the cold weather. Other than that, nothing more is needed. Just wear a pair of heels or a pair of knee high boots and you're good to go!

If you are opting for a comfortable and casual look, the Grey Knitted Turtleneck Mini Jumper Dress - Elmore is the right outfit. I love how over-sized it is, but still looks very feminine. And the dress, it's warm and cozy. It's really perfect for the winter season! 

Out of all of the dresses on this list, this Tan Ribbed Wrap Bat Wing Bodycon Mini Dress - Bailey is the one that really shows your figure. I love how it fits on me. The dress also helped in sculpting my body and it even emphasized more on my curves. It's not very revealing but I love how sexy this dress is.

For night outs with friends over dinner or drinks, the Wine Velvet Tie Front Bodycon Mini Dress - Meesha would be the best dress to wear. I love how sultry this dress looks. The color and the velvet material gives you the luxe look. You can pair this dress with a pair of knee high boots or a pair of killer heels. With this dress, you can definitely turn heads!

Anyway, I hope you liked my winter looks from Femme Luxe. Stay tuned for my Spring Looks soon! Ciao! :)

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  2. The dress suits your style perfectly. It's feminine, elegant, and showcases your impeccable taste.


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