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Tuesday, October 6, 2020 Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Florence Fashion Tour to explore some of the best shops here in Florence. They offer a wide variety of services for tourists, students, and professionals who wish to learn and explore Florence like a local. Florence Fashion Tour was created to provide a memorable and personalized fashion experiences in Florence. I was very excited because I really enjoy looking at an artisan's workspace and learn about how they started. 

Taddei Leather Workshop

First up is Taddei Leather Workshop. We were welcomed by Simone Taddei, the owner and the artisan. He told us about how this workshop started and how it was passed down by generations- from his great grand father down to him. Simone Taddei is one of the few master leather craftsman left in Florence. He specializes in hand crafted leather goods. It usually takes around 25 days to make one product. That's how meticulous and precise he is with his works.

Mrs. Macis Firenze

Mrs. Macis Firenze is definitely a breath of fresh air. The interior is full of colors and patterns, it just made me smile! I just love how this atelier is all about sustainable and slow fashion. Her clothes are often made with vintage textiles. Mrs. Macis has been around  for 15 years and she's been known not only locally, but also internationally. 


Aromantique is hidden in the heart of Florence. Upon reaching the workshop, one must enter through a door, walk through a corridor, exit to a garden, and then you arrive. The small journey itself was quite an experience. You will be surprised that there's a little paradise hidden between the Florentine palaces! Aromantique makes homemade organic perfumes and scents. Maria Letizia, the owner, shared to us how she started this workshop. She explained to us what perfume therapy is and why it is so important in order to feel better. As what Maria said, "Harmony and happiness are within us, they just need to be awakened."

with Tracy, Alice, and Mary

After 2 years of living here in Florence, I've never been to the places that Florence Fashion Tour had brought us. I felt like we were doing treasure hunting for interesting and unique shops that is owned by passionate and inspiring people. It was an amazing experience. Definitely a tour to remember!

Check out their website to see what other services they offer and their prices.

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