Green Fashion Revolution 2015

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Last September 27, I was invited to a fashion show at SM tradehall. It was a fashion show that showcased the student's designs of which they used recyclable materials to make their garments. Four schools participated this year's Green Fashion Revoluton. 
These pieces were designed by students of USJR. It was their first time to join the fashion show.
Designs from CIT. I really loved their footwear and their clothes were the most wearable.

 Designs from my former school, CAFA/SAFAD. I was amazed of how they executed their pieces. It was well done and they didn't make it obvious that they were using sacks as their cloth. Their video was my favorite among the four.
 This was a show stopper. Probably the most couture looking piece. 
And lastly, the designs from UP. For me, they are the most innovative. I love how they manipulated different recyclable materials and how detailed their pieces are. I had a lot of favorite pieces in their collection.
 One of my favorite pieces. The dress was mostly made up of soda pull tabs. And the shawl was weaved with... sorry, but I forgot what material was it! teehee :)
3rd runner up - USJR, 2nd runner up - UP, 1st runner up - SAFAD, winners - CIT

Congratulations to the winners! Had fun witnessing this year's Green Fashion Revolution. Can't wait to see more creatives! :)


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