Sumilon Island

Friday, October 16, 2015

Reminiscing the day spent at Sumilon Island last summer. The 3-hour drive from Cebu city to Oslob was all worth it. Spent P1500 boat towards(inclusive of the ride back) the island plus P50 entrance fee per person upon reaching the sand bar. Staying by the sand bar, you must provide yourself with an umbrella for shade under the heat, and a piece of cloth for comfort when sitting on the sand. The white sand and crystal clear water was just beautiful. Took a dip into the sea and the water was cold and it was perfect for the hot weather. Saw a lot of corals and fishes while taking underwater shots, which was so cool by the way. So if you're from the city and you need some unwinding from the buzzing city, a trip to an island with an awesome beach would do the trick! :)

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