Tuesday, July 5, 2016

photos by: Jesse Jake
sunnies: Sunnies by Charlie
heels: CMG

Here's one of the pieces from Amano collection by Dexter Alazas. The Amano collection comprises of ready to wear pieces that are made up of Hablon Fabric. Read more about Amano here. What I like about this collection is that everything is made in Cebu. It's refreshing to see designers using local materials for their pieces. It's not everyday that you see people who patronize local products. I can really say that the number of creatives here in Cebu, well actually in the Philippines, is growing. And that's something that I'm really proud of. 

This orange tapis dress is one of my favorites from the Amano collection. I really like the design 'cause it can be worn as a dress or as a vest. The other thing that caught my attention is the color. Well actually the color is the first thing you'll notice since it's bold and vibrant. I just love wearing colors! Anyway, just expect more colorful posts, and pieces from the Amano collection in my upcoming posts. :)

Have a great evening everyone! :)

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