Blue Ribbon

Thursday, November 3, 2016

photos by: Jesse Jake
dress: Fashion Market
bag: Michael Kors
handle wrap: Oh My Bag
sunnies: Oxygen
shoes: Janylin

This long weekend has been so chill for me. I'm so glad that I finally got to slow down, relax, and catch up with my blog. For most of the people who I know, they spent their long weekend at the beach or traveled to another place. Me? Well I just stayed at my place... and I couldn't be happier to be home! I finally got 10 hours of sleep, and drove around the city without any traffic. Plus, I can also do shoots with less people around!

Saw this off shoulder dress while I was in Manila at the Fashion Market and fell in love with it, which I immediately bought 2 of these in different colors. What I like about this dress is how it flatters not only your shoulders, it also accentuates your waist. The dress isn't that form fitting, but it still gives justice to your figure. Wanted to keep my look clean but with a little twist, so I added a printed handle wrap from Oh My Bag on my bag and wore a pair of marble print sunnies. 

Anyway, I'm slowly revamping my website's layout 'cause I feel like it's time to make changes. This also goes to my whole wardrobe. Will probably start editing my long overdue videos too. Taking it in slow pace cause I have so many ideas but only little time to spare on this. 

I hope you guys enjoyed your long weekend! Still working on my backlogs cause it's been overdue way too long now. Haha! Goodnight everyone! :)

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